Hacking the Body

Great lower abs exercise

I found this exercise on bodybuilding.com the other day and thought I should try it out since I’ve had trouble hitting my abs with heavy weights crunches because of my weak lower back. It took a while to find the right position under the bar in the smith machine, and even longer to figure out how to use my feet to handle the hooks of the machine, but once settled in, I really liked the exercise.

I got great contact with my lower abs – escpecially during the mid part of the movement, and I really felt that I could push hard with heavy weights without losing form, so I find it to be  great isolation exercise if you feel you need to work on your tummy a little bit extra.

A few tips:

Find a height for the bar in the smith machine where your legs are slightly bent and position the safety nothches at position with the hooks out.
Position yourself with your butt under the bar and place your feet under the bar. Make sure you can roll the safety hooks out of the way before starting the exercise so that they don’t get caught during your set.
Hold on to the base of the smith machine with your hands for stability and start pushing your hip up, and don’t let you butt reach the ground again until you’re all done with your set.

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