A site that is a blog that is a video cast that is a podcast that is a?

Have you ever had a desire to do something, but haven’t quite figured out exactly what it is you want to do? You’re pretty sure it is something, and you come up with new ideas and angles in all sorts of situations, but you still don’t know what you really desire or how to make it happen?

That exact feeling has been nagging me for the last couple of years, and with the catch phrase “better done than perfect” in mind, I decided to go about and do something about it. Hopefully, time will tell what I really wanted to create, and if it doesn’t, maybe the nagging feeling will go away instead.


Doing knowledge work in different companies and roles over the years (see my linkedin page if your interested in what) I’ve come to quite a few insights after asking myself even more questions about what it is that make a work place great and what makes developers and testers tick. I’ve also been wondering the same thing about myself, and I’ve recently spent quite a lot of time trying to find answers in literature that could support or go against my own findings.

What’s up with the name?

“The Strong Type”. Sounds kind of corny, doesn’t it? Well, there is some reason behind the name, all be it a bit far fetched.
The name is a mashup between two concepts with a dash of language confusion thrown in:

In the world of programming, there are programming languages that are said to be “strongly typed”. What the term really means is under debate (statically type checked or not and so on) but being old school, I feel more confident working with languages that have more rather than fewer features of a strongly typed language.

It could also be a sort of cut off sentence as in “the strong type [of person] which I see myself as being nowadays. Perhaps more in the physical aspects of the word than anything else, but still.

Also, a “typ” (prononced with a long Swedish y) in Swedish is sort of a nonpleasant character, but that is not really my intention to associate myself with 🙂