Who Am I?

My name is Martin Hallonqvist and I’m the one filling this page with useful and useless information for your enjoyment.

I’m currently living in the small city of Örebro together with my wife, our two children and two cats. I’m 38 years old now (2013 that is) and I’m currently employed by the great company Sectra, where I work with devoloping software for the medical industry.

What do I Care About?

Most of all I care about my family and friends, and I always try to make them my number one priority in life. This site is not about them though, so you won’t see them mentioned to often, even though they take up most of my attention.

The topics I will discuss here, however, are the professional and personal hobbies I have, which are listed below.

Topics of interest

Business and talent development
Making great services and gizmos becasue you feel you need it yourself is gratifying enough, but there is also a nagging feeling that more people should feel the same need you do and with that there should be a business oppurtunity up for grabs there.
With this idea nagging me, I’ve been in different one-man-startups since my early twenties, but unfortunately I don’t have any marvelous success stories to tell about it. I have – on the other hand – acquired quite a lot of wisdom on what you should do to succeed, and the past couple of years I’ve devoted much of my attention to the subject matter.
As a small child I was very curious, and just like George, that curiosity often spilled over into accidents of all kinds. At the age of seven, I was introduced to computer programming, and to my parents delight all that curiosity was chenneled into the marvels of programming.
Ever since I’ve been constantly writing programs – both professionally and in private – and I still get that intense feeling of focus when I’m in the middle of a long complicated programming task. The enjoyment I get from making the machine do exactly what I want it to do is only matched by the anger I feel when it doesn’t.
Computers and electronics
Being able to program computers can make you a wizard in the cyberworld, but to really harness the power you need to be able to take it out into the real world. The best way to do this is to find hardware that is programmable (like routers with linux operating systems, network controllable lights etc.), use hardware with interfaces you can hack (like IR remotes) or actually building the darn things yourself.
With the eve of 3D printing and modular electronics (like Arduino and the Raspberry Pi for example) the world of small scale Making is open!
Body building
In my late teens I always saw myself as a runner. I weighed in at about 70 kg and went running at least four times a week for as long as I could.
One day, the excitement of running (combined with my total lack of any sense of direction) took me on a longer trip than my knees could bear and I had to give up running. Having a job where I did not move around a lot, I soon laid on some weight that wasn’t at all healthy for me, and that is really why I started weight training. This was some fifteen years ago now, and my commitment to the weight plates have grown ever since.